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The Pindorama platform (website, app and weareable) was created with the intention of functioning as a social network for the creative public, similar to Pinterest, but bringing images referring to the universe of Brazilian culture in the areas of art, design, architecture, theater, dance, music, and others.

The idea is to inspire your audience, generating knowledge about Brazilian diversity, and also creating
a reference bank for designers, artists, architects, advertisers, etc.


Academic project

Group work


Ana Flávia de Oliveira

Julia Luisi Jordan

Rodrigo Bruhns

Samuel Rossetti

Worked areas:

UI-UX design

Digital Design



The platform's graphic design, from the logo to the supporting elements, was inspired by the cordel woodcut, with its straight and brittle shapes.


The content was divided by Brazilian regions , each with a color within a palette of earthy and very alive tones. The logo symbol is a stylized Brazil, which can also be seen as the head of a caracará.


Users create their profile, can save the photos they like or post their own content related to Brazilian culture. The explore section shows pictures of all the mixed regions. For those who want to know more about the images, there is also a blog with texts written by collaborators.


Realistic 5k iMac Mockup Vol.2 - Anthony

See the website working here:



The Pindorama application works like the website, but with some adaptations. In the app the user can also take photos and post easily, as on Instagram.

To facilitate navigation, we kept the explore menus and regions fixed , and when logging into the application, the user goes directly to the explore page. There is no blog in the mobile version.


As a form of weareable, we created an app for smartwatch whose main function is to warn users about events or cultural interventions that may be of interest and that are close to them.

The app is very simple, it has only three screens showing the time, the function to enable or disable warnings and the next scheduled event.

Warning signals appear whenever a new event approaches or has been found in the vicinity.


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