Pianíssimo typography was designed to be light, discreet and highly readable in long texts. Its main characteristics are the smoothly rounded and asymmetrical serifs, the medium contrast between the stems, the droplets and the smooth humanistic axis.


The font was developed from the manual calligraphy process to the vectorization of the letters.
Regular and bold versions, numbers, accents and punctuation marks were created.


Academic project


Worked areas:

Font design

Graphic design



The first step in creating the font was the creation of several manual calligraphy exercises, using quill and ink. With that, it was possible to learn the basic aspects of letter format and character anatomy, in addition to developing the spacing and constancy between words.

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The second step was to move from calligraphy to the basic design of the letter on parchment paper, thus defining its main characteristics, such as weights, axis, trim and serifs . I decided to use drop-shaped finishes, rounded serifs and a smooth humanistic axis.


Finally, I vectorized the alphabet in the FontLab software , also creating accent, punctuation and numbers. In this process, many refinements were made in the shapes of the characters, in addition to the definition of an adequate spacing so that the font had a good readability in flowing texts.



Times New Roman



Pianissimo in plain text


Do n't express everything you think; listen to all but speak to few; be friendly but never vulgar; value tested friends but not offer friendship to everyone who appears in front of you; avoid any fights, but if forced to get into one,  let your enemies fear you; wear clothes according to your income without ever being extravagant; not lend money to friends so as not to lose friends and money; and finally be true to yourself and you will never be false to anyone!  

Hamlet is certainly the most successful revenge story brought to the stage. She, from the beginning, places the audience on the side of the young prince because the act of revenge, which Francis Bacon defined as a  wild way of doing justice, has always seduced everyone. Hamlet therefore feels like a repairer of an injustice, a man with a mission. He will dedicate every moment of his life to her, even if he has to sacrifice his love for Ophelia.

Hamlet é certamente a mais bem-sucedida história de vingança levada aos palcos. Ela, desde o início, coloca o público ao lado do jovem príncipe porque o ato da vingança, que Francis Bacon definiu como uma forma selvagem de fazer justiça, sempre seduziu a todos. Hamlet sente-se pois um reparador de uma injustiça, um homem com uma missão.


A ela irá dedicar todos os momentos da sua vida, mesmo que tenha que sacrificar seu amor por Ofélia e ainda ter que tirar a vida de outras pessoas. Talvez seja essa obsessão, essa monomania que toma conta dele desde as primeiras cenas do primeiro ato, que eletrize os espectadores e faça com que eles literalmente bebam todas as palavras do príncipe vingador. Talvez seja essa obsessão, essa monomania que toma conta dele desde as primeiras cenas do primeiro ato, que eletrize os espectadores e faça com que eles bebam suas palavras.


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