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Arte final - menor-min.jpg

illustration for
ibiz technology

This was a project developed for the IBIZ technology, who approached me to create a new conceptual illustration of the brand, which would be used on the company's website. The illustration should represent, through figurative elements already pre-defined by the company, the various solutions they offer on their platform, in addition to characteristics of the service and the IBIZ team. 


Professional project

Areas worked:


Paper cutting

Captura de tela 2024-02-08 203048.png


Arte final - menor-min.jpg


Arte final - menor-min.jpg
Arte final - menor-min.jpg


Arte final - menor-min.jpg
Arte final - menor-min.jpg
Arte final - menor-min.jpg
Arte final - menor-min.jpg
Arte final - menor-min.jpg
Arte final - menor-min.jpg

The main spacecraft in the illustration represents the Essenciz Platform, which encompasses all of the brand's solutions in a single ecosystem. The smaller ship (purple) represents the Basic and Pro solutions, which are linked to the Essenciz Platform.

Arte final - menor-min.jpg

The bird is the Ibiz bird, which gives the company its name, and the Hive represents the Market Intelligence solution, as it is an organized system that connects different parts into a complete whole. The dandelion represents the IN CLUB initiative. 

Arte final - menor-min.jpg
Arte final - menor-min.jpg

As in the original illustration, the three environments, land, air and sea, should still be maintained, representing that IBIZ is complete and operates in several areas. The sky is predominant, bringing lightness, spaciousness and the IBIZ spaceship is high up, out of the ordinary. 

Arte final - menor-min.jpg
Arte final - menor-min.jpg

The people are the IBIZ team shaking hands with customers, and they are on the futuristic bridge that connects IBIZ (blue spacecraft) to the companies (city). 

The observatory represents the institutional IBIZ, while the little house with balloons represents the Special Projects, which are tailor-made and take customers where they need to go. The little ants represent the team's dedication and commitment. 

Free Website Branding MacBook Pro Mockup-min.jpg


First, the initial sketches were made in black and white, then we went for a style test in a digital version, and after that we made the color sketches for approval. Having decided all this, we then proceeded to create the illustration manually, using the paper cutting technique. A first version of the illustration was made, and after delivery, some adjustments were necessary, so we made a second version of the illustration, which was approved.

Esboços iniciais de ideia

Esboço 2-min.jpg
Esboço 4-min.jpg
Esboço 3-min.jpg
Esboço 1-min.jpg

Testes de estilo feitos digitalmente

Amostra 2-min.jpg
Amostra 1-min.jpg

Esboços de cor para aprovação

cores 3-min.jpg
cores 5-min.jpg
cores 4.jpg

Ilustração - versões 1 e 2 (final)

Ilustração Universo Ibiz.jpg
Arte final - menor-min.jpg

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