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classical book covers in paper cutting

This series of book covers and graphic projects was created as a personal project to expand my repertoire and area of ​​expertise in illustration and graphic design.

The covers were made using paper-cut techniques (in which drawings are created from cutouts on paper), collage and paper sculpture, along with watercolour, gouache and digital finishing.

In this project I combined my knowledge of design and illustration
in the area that most enchants me: editorial.


Personal project


Worked areas:


Graphic project

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Then, I start drawing on paper and cutting out the forms. Finally, in the end, I paint the characters. After the art on paper is ready, I photograph it, to better capture the effects of light and shadow, and treat the photo in Photoshop, correcting the imperfections of the cuts and adding some texts digitally.

The process begins with a research for references and the creation of some thumbnails in a sketchbook, which will define the general lines of the cover layout. Then I choose the papers I will use, observing the combinations and contrasts between the colors, trying to match the concept and the story of the book.

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