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alabaster game

In face of a cultural environment with many problems related to citizenship and values such as respect,
acceptance of the different, social and environmental responsibility, we created a board game that aims to educate children aged eight or over, based on 4 basic themes: coexistence, sustainability, solidarity and respect.


The target audience is composed of educators (parents, teachers or guardians). The theme of the game is the space universe and the characters (aliens) have to work together to achieve the final goal.


Academic project

Group work


Amanda Theodoro

Ana Flávia de Oliveira

Julia Luisi Jordão

Worked areas:

Game design

Packaging design



Projeto acadêmico

Em dupla

Áreas trabalhadas:

Design gráfico


Direção de arte


The players' mission is to save the Alabaster planet by conquering mineral resources (which are the puzzle stones) on the planets where the ship passes through the journey, until it reaches the final planet (Zaffre) to ask the Emperor of the Galaxy for help .

The planets Sinopia, Malva, Celadon and Natier teach about the themes of coexistence, respect, sustainability and solidarity, respectively.


Each round, the player of the turn picks a question or challenge card as the board indicates. If the answer is correct, the ship moves two houses and wins a puzzle piece of that planet. If the answer is neutral, the ship walks a house and does not win the piece, but if it's wrong, the ship returns a house.


All players are on the same ship, however, at each round a different person picks the card and answers the question, with help from the others.


We created six alien characters for the game, so each child can choose who they want to be. They are all very different from each other, to show the diversity of people. One is chubby, another has four arms, one is tiny, while the other is green ...


The names chosen for the planets represent colors, which were used to identify the question and challenge cards, in addition to the board itself, forming a consistent chromatic palette.


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