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spotify play

The Spotify Play game translates the identity and positioning of this digital streaming company into its theme and graphic design. The briefing for this work was to create a pair game that represented a brand and had a function for it.


We chose to work with Spotify, and in our research we found that its positioning is to be a company that generates inspiration, giving its listeners the possibility to create the soundtrack of their lives through digital music streaming .


Academic project

In pairs


Ana Flávia de Oliveira

Worked areas:

Graphic design


Art direction

download (1).jpg


Given the positioning of Spotify, we decided to bring in the cards game a relationship between the films and their soundtracks, making a connection with the various moments of life in which music is present.


We chose iconic movies and music from each decade (from 1940 to the 2000s) that won awards in their categories. We also selected varied musical genres and diverse situations in the films, to show that music is in everyone's life, regardless of the moment or musical taste.


To develop the graphic design of the game, we a moodboard that showed us the main characteristics of Spotify's visual identity: use of duotone and gradient, typography in white and without serif, very colorful and icons that represent musical genres.


In the letters of the films we decided to use a photo in duotone , with colors based on the climate and the tones of each scene. In the music cards we chose the Montserrat typography , which is very similar to that used by Spotify, with weight variations to create contrast and dynamism.

We also used a family of icons based on Spotify playlists to identify which cards are related to each other.


The name Spotify Play was thought of as a joke between the "play" of starting music and the "play" of games. We put a QR code on the back of the package that leads to a playlist of soundtracks with the game's music. So, you can listen while playing.

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