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Completing this portfolio was both a challenge and a great pleasure. This was, without a doubt, the most original project I could undertake during my BA in graphic design. Every page, every photo, and every text was thought out with great care and affection.


A lot of dedication was put into this book, which tells a little of my story as a designer and illustrator, and seeks to convey, through the entire graphic project, a little of my essence.


Academic project


Emilie Chamie Award for Printed Portfolio - Design ESPM 2019

Worked areas:

Editorial design

Art direction



Text production

Graphic production



Researching references and talking to a bookbinder, I came to the conclusion that I would like to make a double book, with one side of my design projects and the other with illustration ones.


So I chose Copta Dos a Dos. The binding was made by the talented Estela Vilela .


The creation of the cover was one of the most special parts of the work. I wanted to make an impression of my logo in low relief with the letterpress technique , and my wish was fulfilled!

I thank my professor Marcos Mello, from Letterpress Brasil , who gave me the cliché and the impression as a gift. For the cover I used a handmade Japanese paper with a very special texture.


The design part of the portfolio was divided into five sections: graphic, ludic, packaging, digital and letters. The illustration part was divided into three: illustrated books, watercolours and other techniques. For each of these sections I created different watercolour covers with floral elements.


Since the beginning of the portfolio creation process, I paid special attention to the book's papers and finishings. I would like a softer, opaque paper with a smooth texture.


For the core, I chose Tintoretto Neve 120 g. In the opening pages of the section, I used the papers Concetto and Stile Naturale 180 g. because they have a light texture and heavier weight that differentiates them from the rest of the core pages.


See my complete portfolio below:

Ligia Camolesi Guimarães | 2019-1
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