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The Museu da Casa Brasileira awards is a contest for furniture, books and academic works of design. There is also a poster contest for the Award.


To create this poster, I emerged in the observation of my own home and its particularities. The result was the development of three photographic posters that focus on the affective meanings present in everyday objects.




Worked areas:

Graphic design


Art direction

Design Thinking


In a Design Thinking workshop at ESPM, we brought several objects from home and divided into groups to write down on post-its everything that came to mind about the subject “home”, thus reaching some possible themes for the poster.




I decided to delve into the development and experimentation of ideas related to objects as beings which carry stories and meanings much greater than they appear. The object of the house as a sign, that is, as a physical representation of a feeling, or an intangible moment.


fotoscasa093 copy.jpg


I started observing objects and making several sketches, trying to explore all the possibilities within the theme. I also looked for references from designers and artists and became very interested in the work of designer Isidro Ferrer , who gives new meanings to simple objects with his sculptures.




After defining the main ideas, I did a photo session at the ESPM's photo studio. The result was the creation of three posters.




The first one gives great emphasis to the simple figure of a comb, which, from the angle at which it is seen and the shadows that form, looks like a ladder leaning against the wall. The photo creates a great visual interest about an everyday object and makes you reflect on the story behind it.




The idea of ​​the poster with the whipping-top and the stopper was that the objects together seemed to form an image of a balloon flying in the sky. This refers to childhood games and affective memories contained in these objects.




The last poster is a photograph showing a juicer supported by a straw, with the shadow of carousel horses in the background.


The photo unites apparently disconnected objects in order to form an image that recalls a memory , something that is behind what is apparent.


The carousel brings the idea of ​​the affective, of the memories, of the course of the time and life. Thus, it conveys the desired idea and forms a simple composition, easy to remember.



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